We help you find the right business, at the right time. With over 100 years of experience.


Who We Are.

IAG has been helping business buyers of all types achieve the results they desire by providing quality M&A intermediary services that help our clients find the right businesses to fit their desires, needs, & lifestyles.


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Team Members


Value Created For Buyers

Success Through Service.

At IAG, our mission is providing the highest level of integrity in our services & satisfaction of our clients.

Buying A Business Takes Experienced Guidance

Our passion as a business intermediary consulting firm is facilitating the buying & selling of businesses with the goals of our clients at heart. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team gets to know each of our clients personally to understand their values & businesses. Our experience & leadership in the M&A industry has helped the owners of privately-held companies “cash in” on all their hard work and get the best payoff possible. Our goal for business buyers is to provide the best portfolio of qualified businesses for sale anywhere.

Among the top 5 most successful M&A Firms

As your intermediary, we work hard in order to find the most qualified businesses for your buying needs, weed out ones that don’t meet your criteria, answer questions, and provide a valued resource to get the deal completed into another one of our success stories. IAG is a business intermediary mergers & acquisitions firm, which means we take a much more hands on process in preparing businesses to present to qualified buyers like you & go through great lengths to ensure that every aspect is covered the entire process of buying & selling businesses.

Buyer Mandates that get results for our clients.

When your needs and qualifications for businesses to buy include certain categories, our experienced analysts go to work to source the right businesses for your portfolio.

Our services include consulting services, securing third party business valuations & pro forma portrayals of future business performance, seller-buyer matching, providing funding resources for buy/sell transactions, tax planning, & deal structure analysis. We will locate businesses for sale, engage them in a qualitative process, & help our clients negotiate successful transactions. IAG knows what’s most important to you, so we do this while protecting the confidentiality of your business & minimizing litigation and other risks.

Buy A Qualified Business With IAG.

Why buy with IAG? Most of our team members are business owners themselves, or have bought and sold their own businesses. This allows us to have the unique perspective that shares common ground with our clients. Our proprietary process is proven to help both buyers and sellers of businesses to achieve success in nearly any industry, with nearly any size or structure of business. Using our processes, we have produced over $1 Billion in transferred value for our clients.

Our Executive Team at IAG.

We provide senior-level service and attention on all transactions, large and small. Our deal makers have relationships with thousands of client companies and financial buyers—and the ability to identify the most likely and best-suited parties to a transaction. We have a proven ability to identify optimal transaction partners around the globe, structure and negotiate transactions, and deliver the best outcomes for our clients.


Jason Hullender

Managing Director

After co-founding IAG in 2009, Jason quickly grew it into one of North America’s premier M&A advisory firms. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs receive the exit they deserve. He and his team have assisted hundreds of sellers in valuing and eventually exiting their businesses. Prior to starting IAG, he led the marketing division of another M&A firm and proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.


Strick Hullender

CEO / Partner

Strick Hullender co-founded IAG in 2009, and has been pushing the boundaries of M&A ever since through innovative, state-of-the-art processes. As the CEO, he and his team have overseen billions of dollars’ worth of transferred value to clients. Prior to his work with IAG, he was an industrial engineer for one of the largest automobile manufacturers and owned another M&A company which he brought to the forefront of the industry with his over thirty years of experience.


Ellen Lalli

Head of Operations

Ellen Lalli has been in the M&A arena for over 25 years and member of the Executive Board since IAG’s inception. As Head of Operations, she has built a team of top-notch personnel and implemented procedures to simplify the buyer/seller process. With attention to detail, she also oversees the day to day procedures to see that IAG standards are met.

Clients Who Trust IAG.

IAG is widely recognized as a leading M&A advisory firm. IAG works with each client to fully understand their individual need, by combining the access and expertise of an international firm with senior-level stewardship and personalized service, we can help advance your vision. Our hands-on experience and intellectual rigor have become our calling cards. In today’s Market, unfamiliar territory requires a partner who can familiarize you with the proper high quality liquidity event process. Our long record, leadership position in the marketplace, and high level of transaction activity enable us to clear the market globally in search of the best transaction partners. Our deal makers are true experts in the industry and understand the competitive landscape and deal environment facing our clients.

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