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IAG Sells New Century Heaters

IAG is happy to announce the acquisition of our client: New Century Heaters, Inc.

Even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to sell their business without discounting it!

How were we able to do that? Through presenting them to the right buyer, at the right time, and building a presentation that showed future potential, past earnings, and a succession plan.

New Century Heaters is a manufacturer of controls for industrial immersion heaters installed in aluminum melting furnaces and to cast parts for automotive applications. Immersion heaters heat directly from inside the tank. With a proven track record supported by approximately 30 years of ongoing business and strong, long-standing customer relationships, marketing efforts focus on targeting furnace builders nationally and internationally.

The owners retired, with our help, and received asking price for their business!

The buyer is a strategic Acquirer who found the company’s products complimentary.

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